The importance of Google analytics

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Google_Analytics_Sample_Dashboard   Google Analytics is powerful tool that gives you important information regarding traffic (i.e. what people are looking at) to your website   This is a free app from the Goolge suite of tools designed to help with online communications   Analytics can be accessed with your Google login and easily configure in it’s own dashboard (see image above)   Information tracked

  • Unique visitors
  • Pages visited
  • What computer platform visitor was using (i.e. PC, android, etc)
  • Geographic location (where in the world)
  • “bounce rate” (the number of visitors that leave with only looking at the first page they land on)
  • + many more

Analytics gives detail statistics on the performance of your site over time, displayed in a relatively simple user interface   If you want to know how your site is performing (I’m sure you do) then Google analytics is a good place to start.


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