5 essential wordpress plugins

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WordPress plugins are great when it comes to extending wordpress beyond a basic site.


There are so many good plugins, but I would like to share my 5 essential plugins for any site.


1. Limit login attempts

This plugin is great in that it is so simple but powerful in stopping brute force attacks. It notifies you once it locks out multiple attempts in logging in with a particular username.


2. Ultimate TinyMCE

This is an absolute must if you would like a few bells and whistles in your content. It is simple and fully integrates with wordpress


3. Updraft Plus

This plugin lets you sleep easy at night knowing that your site is well backed up. It lets you back up to google drive, dropbox etc. You can even schedule when and type of backup required.


4. W3 Total cache

This plugin really helps speed up your site.

*note. Take care to disable plugin when editing your site or you will be forever flushing your cache :)


5. WordPress SEO

a good little plugin that helps you optimise your site for various search engines


As new plugins are developed and old are updated I am sure my list will change to suit the online environment.

There you go, my essential 5 worpress plugins.



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